We receive all assignments electronically via email.

Upon receipt of all assignments, the Premium Audit Coordinator’s office contacts the insureds the same day or within 24 hours to verify the contact information e.g. name, phone number, email and verification of audit location address. Tentative appointments are scheduled based on the auditors’ schedules and an appointment letter is sent via email. The audits are then assigned to the auditors for the various territories and each auditor will contact the insured via phone or email to confirm the appointment for the scheduled date.

At V & V, we place priority on all cases e.g. interim, cancellation, rush and full-term audits. The Audit Coordinator continually monitors workflow to and from the various auditors to avoid a backlog from developing. Workloads may be shifted from one auditor to another or a prioritization of the audits may be in order. 

At this point, the field auditor will complete the assigned audit. All appointments are initially scheduled via phone with follow-up email sent to the audit contact i.e. insured, accountant and agent; specifying records and information needed for the audit. Reminder telephone calls are made by the assigned auditor 1 – 2 days before the scheduled audit date. Progress reports are submitted to customers when no definite appointment is scheduled within 30 days. 

Upon completion of the audit, the auditor will transmit the reports via secure email using their company supplied Apple MacBook Air & MacBook Pro laptops. The reports are reviewed for completeness, adherence to industry & customer standards and guidelines under strict internal requirements.

The completed reports are then submitted to the customer via secure email based on pre-determined guidelines on a daily and weekly basis. Final billing is done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Our customers give us 60 days turnaround time however, 90% of the audits are completed within 40 days and the remaining are completed or returned to the customer within the 60 days period as non-productive after making at least 5 attempts including contacting the agent.

A 10 day letter is also sent to the insured via email or certified mail prior to submitting a non-productive report.