Occupational Safety, Health & Loss Prevention 
The Department of occupational safety, health & Loss prevention specializes in casualty underwriting insurance inspections & surveys, ergonomics surveys and Loss Prevention Accident Investigation pertaining to serious accidents. In these investigations, our consultants focus on the accident root cause(s) and discuss corrective action(s) that will help members/insured’s eliminate or reduce future job-related accidents.

We also specialize in proactive risk management solutions by assisting our customers in the insurance industry, government Agencies, Unions and large companies in assessing the work/or field conditions, practices and processes of their work environments, focusing primarily on preventing accidents or work injuries to employees.

By providing safety and loss prevention resources and assistance to insureds and businesses in general helps create a safer work environment. This emphasis on loss prevention helps to reduce the severity and frequency of loss.

Our Loss Prevention Consultants closely work with employers to improve workplace safety. The focus of our Loss Prevention Consultants effort is to help employers identify sources of loss and work directly with them to develop practical cost-effective solutions to minimize them.

We also provide OSHA safety training for insurance companies,Local Unions and other Companies that we work with.

We have a full-time staff of inspectors, Safety & Loss Prevention consultants handling the states of NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, PA, DE, MD, and DC. Our staff does 100% of the work: we do not make use of individual independent contractors as they can sometimes be unreliable.

Since 1989, we have provided our valued customers (Insurance Companies and Governmental Agencies, etc) with dependable, responsive, and effective Loss Prevention services in the Northeastern United States.

Our experienced, full-time LP staff completes the inspections, surveys and accident investigations in a timely manner (2 weeks – 4 weeks).

Rush cases/requests are completed within a few days. Our consultants and inspectors possess vast information technology capabilities and as such, have the capability of completing all reports and safety documentations reviewed electronically.

Loss Control Engineering
Loss Control is a science that requires extensive technical knowledge of hazardous conditions; unsafe practices; and industrial, construction, and business operations.

Understanding the human factor is also an important element. Our highly-skilled Loss Control team has the experience and technical knowledge to help implement an effective program that suits the unique needs of your business.

How you can benefit from a Loss Control program
A quality Loss Control program from Vincent & Vincent Companies Inc. can benefit your company in a number of ways including: lowering insurance costs, reducing accidents and injuries, and increasing production and profits.

The Department of occupational safety, health & Loss prevention provides the following services:

  • Phone Inspections
  • Physical Inspections:
    1. Worker’s Compensation
    2. Standard Property & HPR Property
    3. Products Liability
    4. Life Safety
    5. Construction & Service Industry
    6. Liability
    7. Garage Liability Inspections
    8. Business Owners
    9. Commercial Auto & Truckers/Fleet Inspections
    10. Farm Inspections
    11. Day Care Facilities
    12. Healthcare Facility Evaluation:
      Our health care professionals provide assistance in regulatory compliance (JCAHO, HCFA, DOH, OSHA and EPA), medical record reviews, risk management plan auditing, staff selection procedures, patient safety procedures, credentialing procedures, incident investigations, and claims analysis.

    Our experienced and qualified field consultants are available to provide the following services:

    • Company & Industry Specific Workers’ Compensation Premises & Job Site Surveys
    • Company & Industry Specific Liability Premises & Job Site Surveys
    • Ergonomics Surveys
    • Hazard Identification & Control Surveys and Techniques
    • Job Site Specific Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Surveys & JSA Development
    • Underwriting / Risk Evaluation
    • Awareness Education and Training
    • OSHA Education and Training
    • Development of Industry Specific Tool-Box Safety Talks for companies
    • Accident Investigation
    • Loss Analysis
    • Safety Action Planning – Designed to help employers focus their attention on major loss sources and develop practical ways to eliminate these risk exposures.

    Our staff has the experience and expertise in handling the simplest homeowners inspection to complex commercial engineering surveys, 
    from small to large super accounts in the following areas:

    • Food Industry
    • Textile and Clothing Mfg
    • Paper & Paper Goods Mfg & Printing
    • Woodworking & Metal Fabrication/Machine Shops
    • Road, Excavation & Building Construction
    • Trucking & Storage
    • Mercantile
    • Medical/Home Health Care
    • Churches and other religious organizations
    • Energy/Gas Industry etc.

    To see what’s happening at OSHA, visit their web site at OSHA Regulations & Compliance.

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