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Vincent & Vincent Companies USA Inc., has been in business since March, 1989 primarily serving both the insurance and private industries by providing quality work/services in the fields of:

The Premium Auditing, Loss Prevention and insurance services division of Vincent & Vincent Companies is created by professional industry experts for insurers, reinsurers, other auditing and Loss Prevention services companies and self-insured employers. V & V is comprised of a team of dedicated insurance premium auditing, Inspection & Loss Prevention professionals, who have extensive knowledge in insurance and occupational safety, premium auditing, inspection procedures and possess a high degree of general business knowledge.

We at Vincent & Vincent Companies Inc, (Auditing & Inspection Division) employ a very straightforward approach to auditing and inspections. The audit and inspection process is initiated with a complete understanding of exactly what you, our clients, are looking for as an end product.

A Premium Audit can be conducted to verify the accuracy of premium rates, commissions, and administrative fees. Premium remittances, fee allocations, and the report development thereof, are tested for exactness.

Vincent & Vincent Companies is always committed to engendering a sense of pride and loyalty on the part of all who are associated with the various entities of our organization. We also strive very hard to meet our customers' needs in an effective, timely, and supportive fashion.

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