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Company & Industry-Specific Insurance & OSHA-Compliant

Safety Manual

A written company Safety & Health Manual or Safety & Health Program is a critical component of workplace injury prevention and regulatory compliance programs.  A safety manual is a set of safety programs that have been selected based upon the hazards present at an employer's worksite.  This safety manual essentially lays out your plan for providing a safe workplace and complying with applicable OSHA, State & Insurance laws and regulations. We work with both the insurance industry and OSHA so we know what should be covered in your manual.There are topics like RTW, Ergonomics, etc., that most manuals do not cover which are very relevant for a Safety & Health, Injury & Illness Prevention Manual. ††††


What is a Safety Manual?

         It is your company's safety mission statement.

         It outlines your entire safety program as required by federal regulations.

         It covers your company's policies and procedures.

         It includes a list of your equipment and protective gear.

         It includes a comprehensive training, hazard assessment, and hazard communication plan.

         It includes a list of certifications and the names of the members of your safety team.


Most small and medium-sized businesses simply do not have the financial and human resources to sit down and develop a company Safety & Health Manual from scratch.  The internet is covered with stolen and/or out-dated materials, and outright frauds.  Business owners simply don't know where to turn for assistance with their Safety & Health, Insurance, and OSHA-compliance issues.

Not anymore!  Vincent & Vincent Companies, Inc. will develop a comprehensive Company & Industry-Specific Safety & Health, Injury & Illness Prevention Program/Manual for people just like you.  The entire document will be customized with your company and safety manager's name throughout the safety manual.  Your logo can even be inserted on the cover page to create a more professional image.  Customization takes 24 to 72 hours depending on any existing backlog.  The completed manual on DVD is then delivered by a safety consultant to be discussed with your safety manager or director. For customers in the Mid-Western States, the manual will be discussed over the phone or instant messaging before the DVD is mailed to you in Microsoft Wordģ & PDF formats so that you can easily make future revisions.  If a printed and bound hardcopy was selected, it will be shipped out UPS Ground.

NOTE: The fees include 2 years of free updates and advise on current issues.

Stop stressing right this very minute!  Letís say you have someone in-house try to develop your company safety manual from scratch.  Letís say this person makes $10.00/hour and with benefits averages $12.50/hour.  Being conservative, it would take at least 80 hours to develop a safety manual that was both state and federal OSHA compliant.  That means that the direct cost of this manual would be $1,000.  This doesn't take into account the indirect costs related to the lost productivity resulting from this person not tending to the actual job he/she was hired to perform.


Why Have a Safety Manual?

The general / controlling contractor of a job-site is ultimately responsible for the safety of not only their employees, but also the employees of any sub-contractors.  As a result of this responsibility, general contractors are requiring potential sub-contractors to submit a copy of their safety manual with their bid package.  Not only does this make your bid look more professional but, it sends the message that your company takes safety very seriously.  This will show the general contractor that your company is less likely to lose time and money due to accidents on the job site.  A solid safety manual is a must for all GENERAL CONTRACTORS & SUBCONTRACTORS if you want to remain competitive in today's marketplace and comply with insurance and OSHA standards.

Our comprehensive Safety Manual includes the following information:

       Company Policies and Procedures

       Safety Committee Roles and Activities

       Machines and Equipment safety

       Orientation Form (English and Spanish)

       Accident Investigation

       OSHA Reporting Procedures

       Emergency Action Plan

       CPR & First Aid

       Hazard Assessment: Inspection and Evaluation Procedures

       Blood borne Pathogens: Federally required information

       Violence in the Workplace

       Hazard Communication Plan


       Personal Protective Equipment

       OSHA Inspection Procedures

       Training Requirements

       Posting Requirements

       Vehicle & Driver Safety Policy

       Stairway and Ladder Safety

       Fall Protection

       Forklift Operation & Safety

       Scaffolding/Aerial Lift Safety

       Excavation Safety (if applicable)

       Demolition Safety (if applicable)

       Employee Acknowledgement Forms

       Confined Spaces Policy

       Respiratory Protection Policy

       Hot Work Safety Policy

       Cost Containment/Loss Prevention Policy

       Asbestos & Lead Policies

       Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER)

       Electrical Safety

       Indoor Air Quality

       Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Codes of Safety Practices
  • Tool-Box, Safety Talks
  • Reference Pages

A safety manual of this nature normally costs between $800 - $1000.  We will provide you with a comprehensive custom safety manual, customized for your company and logo, for between $399 to $499, depending on the nature of your industry (ies).

With the click of a mouse button or a telephone call, and for a small amount ($399 to $499) you can have a completely customized, OSHA compliant safety manual in as little as 72 hours.  Don't wait a minute longer.  ORDER NOW! 

Call us for a no obligation consultation: 631-775-7915 or

e-mail: oshatraining@vvcompanies.com